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Dear all Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Asexuals, or basically anybody who is not strictly Heterosexual or strictly Homosexual.




According to my psychology professor, we do not exist.

According to her, we are wrong for existing.

My professor flat out said this morning that she does not “believe” in bisexuals. She proceeded to say that the only valid and real orientations are heterosexual, and homosexual,and nothing else exists. There is no in between,and if we believe we are anything but hetero or homo, we are just confused, and mislead.

She also believes transgender people are just confused.

So basically, to her, we are mythical creatures. We are unicorns, from a magical fairyland. 

Reblog this if you are a fucking magical unicorn.

Reblog this if you believe orientation shouldn’t even fucking matter.

Reblog this if you believe orientation is a spectrum, and it is NOT black and white.

Reblog this if you know you exist.

I had a gay trainer at my previous work tell me this exact same thing. O.o I was like, “BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE I EXIST I’M LIKE RIGHT HERE lkajfdlkajdsflkajsf AM I DEAD ARE YOU HALEY JOEL OSMENT WHERE IS BRUCE WILLIS.”


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    …I have found the perfect way to come out to my friends. "Guys…I’m….I’M A MOTHERFUCKING SPARKLY UNICORN!!!" *FLIES AWAY*
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    Look at ma mythical ass over hurr.
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